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Site gives a whopping 10 New Member Bonuses


 Co Op Rotator Ads is another great site in The Ad Labyrinth Empire.

 This LFMTE traffic exchange has some great features and benefits.

 One of the unique features of this site is the Co Op Rotator Ads.

 Cheryl Gardner designed this ad feature to maximize ad exposure while stretching your ad funds.

 Details will soon be available on a special page on the site.

 Another incredible benefit is the new member bonuses. You have probably seen this on other sites

 but Cheryl is working to take it to the next level.

 Co Op Rotator Ads has 10 New Member Bonuses!

 All ten levels award surf cash (must be spent on the site for ads and upgrades)plus credits,

banner  & text impressions.

 Eight of the bonuses award a one day upgrade. It starts with the first upgrade level then

 progresses all the way to the very top level.

 Just follow the chart on the member's page to see what the next award will be.

 There is a detailed splash page in Affiliate Tools for members to use in their advertising.

 It should help bring some referrals quickly.

 Wait! There is more!

 Referrers also get a bonus each time someone in their Downline claims one of their 10 new member bonuses.

 Now this goes on forever, as long as member builds their Downline, they will receive these awards as their referrals earn them.

 The total rewards for new members on Co Op Rotator Ads is astounding!

 Surf a total of 7500 pages. Do it at your own pace. The system keeps track of the rewards.

 Earn up to 5 USD Surf Cash, 2,100 credits, 6.950 banner and text impressions.

 Whopping bonuses! And that is not counting the referrer bonuses because they are endless.

 Co Op Rotator Ads has so many more features. Join and check it out for yourself. You will thank me after you do.

 To our success

 P.S. Check out the Referral Contest under the Competitions Tab.

Site gives a whopping 10 New Member Bonuses Site gives a whopping 10 New Member Bonuses Reviewed by Money Digger on 5:13 PM Rating: 5

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