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12 Years Online.. 100 Percent Contest Now Active!

 Brad Webb & Paul

Hey Fellow Marketers,

The worst thing you can do right now is nothing. We are 

fortunate to be in an industry that thrives online. 

below and get your share of this contest that will run
until the 500 dollar pool is reached. 

State-Of-The-Art-Mailer, aka SOTAM, has been online and very 

active since March 30th of 2010. Every year at this time, we
activate the 100 Percent Contest.

What is the 100 Percent Contest and how does it work?

Put simply, sales that come from new members or existing members

that are not currently upgraded get counted in the contest. The
contest ends when we reach 500 dollars. 

As of March 30th, the following commission will apply to all that


Commission Percentages Will Be Doubled At Payout:

Free Member - 10 will become 20

1,500 Button - 15 will become 30
3,000 Button - 25 will become 50
5,000 Button - 35 will become 70
7,500 Button - 45 will become 90
Viralist Button - 50 will become 100

Contest Rules:

You get 100 percent of what your upgrade level is and not your

escalation level. Meaning, if you are upgraded to 3,000 Button
Level but escalate to the 7,500 Button Level, you qualify for 
the 3,000 Button Level commissions and not the 7,500 Button 
Level during the contest period.

Obviously, the best way to maximize your commissions is to be at

the highest level which is the Viralist. Viralist members also 
get random referrals that could help in this contest.

If you are not a member, become one now. If you are a member but

not upgraded, upgrade now to maximize your earning potential in 
this contest while it lasts.

The 100 Percent Contest has started so participate now!


Brad Webb


SOTAM Viralist Bonus Ad:

If you see this message at the bottom of our promotional

ads and you are upgraded to the Viralist level at
State-Of-The-Art-Mailer, your link is being rotated here
to assist you with recruiting new members. 
12 Years Online.. 100 Percent Contest Now Active! 12 Years Online.. 100 Percent Contest Now Active! Reviewed by Money Digger on 2:13 AM Rating: 5

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