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Why Promote #1Goldmine?

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Why Promote #1Goldmine?

1. #1Goldmine is your best value - because it displays YOUR website to 4 Million other active marketers.

2. With #1Goldmine, you get an outstanding, lucrative 2 tier program, to receive referral commissions.

Here is how it works:

There are four "Ultra Advertising" packages sold on this site.

You earn 25% of each direct saleeven if someone buys multiple times.

You earn 25% of each 2nd tier saleeven if someone buys multiple times.

Just one referral can buy multiple times, same with your second tierYou earn on each one.

There is no requirement to buy or do anything to get your commissions.

Example: You refer Mark. He buys 1 advertising package. You get 25% commission from it.

Mark refers Linda, who buys 4 advertising packages. You get 25% x 4 commission on the packages Linda bought. Mark also gets 25% x 4 commissions. Refer a few people, watch it turn into A LOT of commissions!

- You get a $7 bonus when your fifth direct referral buys a package.
- Several crypto currencies and several standard payment processors are used on this website.
- There are no restrictions on getting your commissions.
- Min. Payout is only 20 dollars

Click The Link...

Watch The Helpful Video! It will explain how to set up.
If you think I'm "blowin' smoke"... READ the testimonials!
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