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30 Days of Gifting has begun at Titan Solos

30 Days of Gifting has begun at Titan Solos

We just Launched and are growing Fast.

We have a very active membership.

Keep an Eye out for Admin emails as they are worth a ton of credits and have simple tasks for Free ads.

Get Star ted for Free Today!

Get sign up ad package added immediately.

Get a Free Monthly ad pack.

Plus $300 Referral contest.

Monthly contests with $200 Cash Prizes.

Free Promo Codes:

FreeCashSolo       Day 1 - Free Cash Solo Ad

day2banner          Day 2 - Free Banner Ad

day350k                 Day 3 - Free 50k Credits

day4button           Day 4 - Free Button Banner Ad

day5cashsolo        Day 5 - Free Cash Solo Ad

day6text                 Day 6 - Free Text Ad

day7hpcashsolo    Day 7 - HP Cash Solo Ad

day8ptc                   Day 8 - Free PTC Ad

day9solo                 Day 9 - Free Solo Ad 

day10button           Day 10 - Free Button Banner Ad and 25k Credits

day11banner           Day 11 - Free Banner Ad and 25k Credits

day12credits75k     Day 12 - Free 75k Credits

day13cashsolo        Day 13 - Free Cash Solo Ad

day14hpsolo            Day 14 - Free HP Solo Ad

day15hpcashsolo    Day 15 - Free HP Cash Solo Ad

day16text                 Day 16 - Free Text Ad with 500 Clicks and 25k Credits

day17banner           Day 17 - Free 2 Banner Ads and 25k Credits

day18button           Day 18 - Free 2 Button Ads and 25k Credits

day19solos              Day 19 - Free 2 Solo Ads and 25k Credits

day20hpsolos          Day 20 - Free HP Solo Ads and 25k Credits

day21credits            Day 21 - Free 150k Credits

day22csolo              Day 22 - Free Cash Solo Ad and 50k Credits

day23thanks           Day 23 - Free Banner and Text Ads

day24happy            Day 24 - Free Banner and Text Ads

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