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Earn Money by Playing - Golden-Farm


Hello Do you love to play

and earn real cash at the same time? Website changes to Russian when you click the flag.

Here you can sell eggs and get silver coins which you can swap for real money. 

The silver coins got after processing are divided between two of your accounts (the account for buying and the account for withdrawal) in proportion: 70% to the account for buying and 30% to the account for withdrawal.

Slowly but surely you will make som real cash, There are various payment possibilities to start. I started with paying USD10.01 in Bitcoin and got a brown bird free, if you spend more you earn more per 24hours. 

At the shop you can buy different birds. Each bird lays special eggs, which can be sold at the market and exchanged for silver coins that are required for the real money withdrawal. Every type of birds has different productivity - the more expensive the bird is, the more eggs it lays. You can buy unlimited amount of birds. Our birds don't die and will always produce eggs!

At the moment I earned: On balance for purchases: 1.02 USD per 24 hours.

On balance for withdrawals: 0.435388 USD per 24 hours.

Now 3 days later, after having exchanged the balance for withdrawels for purchases and profitting from a 20% discount, I could buy a red bird that changed my earnings per 24 hours as follows:

On balance for purchases: 1.25 USD per 24 hours.

On balance for withdrawals: 0.535808 USD per 24 hours.

Buying more birds (and using withdrawels too): On balance for purchases: 1.28 USD per 24 hours. On balance for withdrawals: 0.548139 USD per 24 hours

Now it is: On balance for purchases: 1.52 USD per 24 hours.

On balance for withdrawals: 0.649721 USD per 24 hour

EARNINGS FOR WITHDRAWELS ARE PAID OUT OR CAN BE EXCHANGED TO BE ADDED TO PURCHASE BALANCE (What I shall do from now on, so my daily earnings will grow quicker when I do this instead of waiting to reach the withdrawel amount ). Your account grows quicker.

Use silvercoin balances continuously to buy birds as soon as you have the requested amount available.  A green bird and 300 silvercoins you'll get by subcribing. Once a monh birds can be bough with 20% discount.


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