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E-Commerce Wunderkind Tim Rose Drops New Online Store Launch Program, Teaches Growth Hacks for Complete Financial Freedom


As the e-commerce sector continues to grow year over year at an unprecedented rate, many people around the world are looking to tap into this expanding market, which experts predict will be valued at an astounding $4.5 trillion by 2021. However, the vast majority of online store owners (an estimated 90%) end up failing within the first four months of launching their e-commerce shop.
Tim Rose, a former coffee shop barista turned wildly successful online entrepreneur, has just released a cutting-edge new program that takes users through the necessary steps and strategies for building a highly prosperous and highly lucrative network of online retailers. He calls it Shopifortunes, and it represents a significant shift away from the guesswork of conjuring a blowout e-commerce success and towards a data-driven, structured formula for building a thriving online presence.
Mr. Rose’s story is a unique one. With an incomplete college education, a spotty work history, and as a self-proclaimed “slow learner,” Rose’s future prospects were quite bleak just a few years ago. He had a strong work ethic, but his continual craving to break out of the everyday 9 to 5 routine made rising up the conventional corporate ladder difficult, to say the least.
But one day while working for minimum wage at a national coffee shop chain, Rose was introduced to an eccentric and unconventional entrepreneur named Lucas. And after a chance encounter, he opened up the door for Rose to a proven system for building and maintaining a network of online retailers using Shopify and proprietary automation technology.
He was also introduced to an exclusive group of accomplished e-commerce moguls known as “The Syndicate” which taught him unheard-of growth hacks that made successfully scaling a business easier than ever.
After Rose began implementing these techniques, he quickly developed a thriving network of e-commerce stores on Shopify and made a small fortune of $27k in just 27 days. And as his success continued to grow exponentially, Rose quit his job and developed his own national chain of specialty coffee shops.
Later struck by the philanthropic spirit, Rose developed the Shopifortunes program to pay his luck forward to others stuck in the same unfulfilling day-to-day that held him down just years before.
Using the exclusive techniques and strategies handed down to him from Lucas and The Syndicate, Rose crafted a comprehensive, highly-accessible system that anyone looking to break into e-commerce could take advantage of.
The program is designed as a self-paced online course, with lessons taught via video lectures supplemented by worksheets, exercises, and clear action plans that users can put into practice immediately.
Shopifortunes also differentiates itself from other less complete programs in that it covers the entire process of starting an online store – from market research and product development all the way to launch day and scaling for growth. As a result, absolutely anyone with an interest in this market can get started, even if they do not currently have an idea for a product.
The system also makes use of a variety of little-known automation strategies which significantly cut down on the time investment required of users. This opens up the door to using the program while also working a fulltime job since the program only takes a few hours a week.
While the program is one of the quickest and easiest ways to break into and rise through the ranks of the e-commerce market, seats in the program are limited and are filling up fast. Interested parties should inquire about the program at the link below for more information while space is still available.
Find Out More About Shopifortunes.
E-Commerce Wunderkind Tim Rose Drops New Online Store Launch Program, Teaches Growth Hacks for Complete Financial Freedom E-Commerce Wunderkind Tim Rose Drops New Online Store Launch Program, Teaches Growth Hacks for Complete Financial Freedom Reviewed by Money Digger on 10:44 PM Rating: 5

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