Profitable Email Marketing

A no-cost downline building and retention tool


Imagine this... 

In a few weeks I send you a letter about a
program that is less than $25 per month to
join, is backed by solid management, and
has an outstanding product... (that's my
job to find these companies).

And in that letter I tell you that
everyone, 100, 200, 300, or more, possibly
a lot more, people who are already in your
genealogy... that is your downline... 

Are receiving this same letter and
preparing to join the new company! 


...They will be joining
this new company automatically without
you needing to do ANYTHING! 

And you immediately begin to earn commissions
on a brand new program, a brand new business,
that you have NEVER not even once promoted. 
You might be wondering how this is possible
and honestly a fair question. 

It's possible only because you have joined a
free program - notice I said free - that comes
complete with spillover, a 2x14 matrix, and
the technology, already built, that allows me
to take your existing genealogy at
Invitation To Join and move everyone in your
genealogy to the new program and then simply
give them a 2 or 3 week window to join the
new program. 


...If they don't join, they will 
automatically lose every nickle of the
commissions that "could" be theirs from
their new genealogy / downline at 

Invitation To Join.

               Invitation To Join

Here's the best part... No only will you
ever have to market just one free to join
program, which by the way if history follows
it's normal course, the number of people
who join under you at Invitation To Join,
because it's free, will be 15, 20, maybe
30 times or more than the number of people
you would ever sponsor even if your new
program only cost one measly dollar. 


Imagine this short paragraph as a classified
ad, even the entire body of a solo ad, the
copy inside a multi-framed banner, or get
this - as your new signature file: 

Tap or click here (your link) to
learn how technology working for you
as your best employee, can help you
live a life of prosperity unlike
most others will ever enjoy, and
how to earn 4,5,6, or more streams
of automatic pilot income promoting
just this one single-no-cost-ever


Whenever I recommend a new automatic pilot
income stream to you, with your
Invitation To Join downline coming with you
completely intact, you join under each
position (they will all be inexpensive to
match the demographics of the new internet
Web 3.0)

                Invitation To Join 

Listen, I realize new technologies, new
concepts, new methods, are sometimes just a
bit challenging to grasp. However, in this
case, just follow my lead, your downline will! 
Last time, for your sake, the sake of your
financial future on the net, and possibly
even your legacy, do not ignore this



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