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ConversionMail|No Gimmicks|Proper HTML|Mail 2000 NOW

ConversionMail Brings Results .Fact.


There are a 1000's Mailers out there deciding which ones to use;
especially which ones are worth Upgrading in and worth promoting can be a tough choice.

However when the Mailer is Owned byThe Land Marketing Group there is really nothing to decide.

ConversionMail is one of the very few Lists built

WITHOUT Gimmicks
WITHOUT Incentives to get Free Members
WITHOUT mail opening rates inflated by Bribes and Prizes

Upgrade Levels to Meet all Needs

Everyone can mail 2000 members to Start.
Upgraded can Mail ALL Members!


Take a Lifetime Offer if at all possible-Very Reasonable
Promote Your offers and promote ConversionMail
Your Investment will be returned to you many times over.

Mail to 

Have Your Mail read by REAL Marketers-not Penny Chasers!

Join Now

You will be glad you did !

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